Heathcote Park Raceway


Commercial Electrical Design & Construct


Knowsley-Barnadown Rd, Knowsley VIC 3523


Heathcote Park Raceway


6+ months (ongoing in progress)

We met the owner (Lance Warren) of Heathcote Park Raceway in January 2021 to hear about his plans and visions for the redesign of the facilities at Heathcote Park Raceway. Instantly we were excited to be considered as the main electrical contractor for this truly unique project, sharing the same values and interests with the company as fellow Drag racers and tech-minded people.

The project is now underway, so far completing the following electrical work:

LED Lighting Upgrades

We arranged the planning, design and installation of new LED lighting, saving the client up to 80% on energy running costs, whilst ensuring consistency, brightness, safety and reliability.

Areas which we have upgraded to LED lighting include the carport pit lighting, staging lane lighting and track lighting, with future lighting poles and more lights to come to give the racers the optimum lighting conditions.

Compulink Timing System

We helped manage a full replacement of the existing timing system to the new, global Compulink Timing System found at every leading track across the world. This system is fully programmable to ensure the racing data is automated, with the ability to be monitor and record the data accurately down to the thousands of a second

Temporary Power Board Installation

We arranged and installed temporary power boards to generate power for the food alley to carter for larger events.


We have redesigned, relocated and upgraded all relevant cabling including the pit and staging area light poles, the staging lanes and the centre Christmas Tree to ensure safety, reliability and accessibility.

Access Points

We have installed Ubiquiti point to point and access points for Eftpos machines and WiFi around the track for guests, competitors, supporters and staff.

Stay tuned for further details!